Air Purifiers PRO-3
Air Purifiers PRO-3

Air Purifiers PRO-3

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The PR-3 is a device for stationary filtering and thus cleaning the air in the room. Indoor air is essential to people’s health and well-being. Air pollution can cause discomfort, allergic reactions and even disease and damage to your health. Especially in winter, the spread of viral infections is mainly due to the transmission of indoor air by aerosols. Thanks to a highly effective and innovative 4-stage advanced filter, our air purifier traps up to 99.99% of air pollutants such as allergens, pollen, dust and suspended particles. It absorbs formaldehyde, benzenes, xylene, volatile organic compounds, other harmful gases, unpleasant odors and kills bacteria and viruses. Our air purifier is equipped with a special high-sensitivity sensor that detects PM 2.5 airborne dust. Thanks to this function, you can easily determine the air quality in the room.

  • Operating Mode: Manual / Automatic / Sleep
  • For rooms up to 60 m² 
  • Voltage: 220 - 240 V
  • Frequency:  50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption:  46 W
  • Negative ions: 2 milions/ cm³
  • Dimensions: 33,2 x 17,0 x 51,7 cm
  • Air purification performance : 220 m3
  • Device weight (with filters):5,7 kg
  • Time control:  1-12 hours
  • Noise ≤ 57db
  • Replaceble filters : pre filter, HEPA H13 filter, activated carbon filter, cold catalyst  filter
  • Place of application: conference rooms, offices, classroom, restaurants, flats

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