Hand gel, 50 ml
Hand gel, 50 ml

Hand gel, 50 ml

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It is estimated that 80% of infections are caused by poor hand hygiene. It is worth taking care of it to enjoy good health and proper immunity. Antibacterial gels turn out to be extremely useful during travel, in the office or in other situations where we cannot take care of proper hand hygiene. The offered hand gels have bactericidal and fungicidal effects (up to 99.9%) and antiviral properties.
The main active substance of hand gels is alcohol – ethanol with the high concentration of 63% guaranteeing the effectiveness of the product and ensuring its antiseptic properties. Clear and simple composition guarantees both effectiveness and safety of the product. It should be remembered that alcohol, although effective, when used frequently, can dry out delicate hand skin. It is recommended to take appropriate care by using e.g. a moisturizing hand cream.
The formula of the gel is light and leaves no sticky layer after application. The gel is not only efficient but also extremely easy to use. After applying the right amount on your hands, just spread it and wait until it is absorbed. The product not only provides effective protection against bacteria, but also guarantees immediate refreshment and cleansing of the skin. The product does not require rinsing.
Avoid contact of the product with eyes, wounds or mucous membranes. Keep away from heat or ignition sources as the product is flammable. Keep out of reach of children.

  • Bactericidal effect up to 99.9%.
  • Without water use
  • Easily spread and well absorbed
  • No sticky layer left
  • Based on ethanol (63%)
  • Expiry date 24 months after opening

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